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SHARE has a voluntary management of parent directors. Parents serve 2 years on the management committee, however at the end of their term they can stand for re-election.

The Committee meets once every 6 weeks. Meetings are open to all parents, and is most welcome. It is your opportunity to have input into the running of SHARE. All of SHARE’S documents i.e Policy’s, Information Books, Quality Improvement Plan are living documents and therefore are being constantly updated. You will be notified and consulted regarding any major changes.

Committee Executive:

President: Ken Campbell.  

Treasurer: Anna Schell

Secretary: Patrick Rooney

Staff Liaison:  Georgie Foot and Nathan Peters  

WHS: Naomi Stevens.

Committee Members:

Ken Campbell, Anna Schell, Patrick Rooney, Nathan Peters, Naomi Stephens, Georgie Foot, Clancy Yeates, Penelope Elix

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