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Our Goal


The Educators and Committee are committed to extending and enriching the development of school aged children through a rich play-focused environment.

Our philosophy is anchored in the National Quality Framework, My Time Our Place, The Education and Care Services National Regulations, The National Quality Standards and The 10 Child Safe Standards and Principles.


As educators, our aim is to provide opportunities for school aged children to engage in leisure and play-based experiences.  In consultation and collaboration with our children and families we endeavour to create an environment that reflects and recognises the rights of all children, is inclusive of all genders, cultures and abilities, and encompasses the diversity of values within our community.


SHARE believes that the safety, wellbeing and welfare of all children in our care is paramount. We endeavour to produce a program that is relaxed, with an emphasis on fun and free play, and it is also important that we provide healthy and nutritious food which meets the dietary needs of all children. We have a strong focus on building partnerships with families and the community. Our Management and Educators' policies are in accordance with social justice and equity principles. 


SHARE Before, After and Vacation care programs provide opportunities in a child’s life where they can explore their relationships, indulge their imagination and learn new skills. It is "their time" and SHARE is "their place’".  As such we advocate and promote that children have a choice of play-based experiences, including both planned and spontaneous. 


We are passionate in supporting them in achieving a strong sense of identity, as they become strong, confident and involved learners and effective communicators, and at the same time individuals

who are connected with, and contributing, to their world. 

Ultimately, we want your children to have a strong sense of belonging and

ownership, and to have a distinct voice within the SHARE family and community.

Our Philosopohy

Children's philosophy

One of most important jobs of the Parents and Educators who are in charge and work at SHARE is to keep you safe.

Our other jobs when you are at SHARE are:


  • To give you healthy food so you can grow strong and have lots of energy for playing. 


  • To remind you to use your manners and to wash your hands.


  • To teach you the rules of soccer, how to tie your shoelaces, to cook, art and craft, singing, dancing, new things and old things, and lots of other stuff.


  • To help you make friends, and, if you are having problems, to guide you in sorting them out.


  • To show you the best ways to behave and how treat other people.


  • To listen to your stories about your family, what you did on the weekend, and the things that worry you.


  • To respect the different kinds of families you have, the different countries you come from and the languages you may speak at home.


  • To appreciate your different abilities and assist you with things you would like to do better.


  • To ask you what activities and excursions you would like, and your suggestions for afternoon tea and breakfast.


  • To take you on excursions in the school holidays which are fun, interesting, and that are about the world you live in.


  • And if you hurt yourself, are sick or you feel sad, we will take care of you and give you a hug if you need one. 


But most of all when YOU are at SHARE, we want YOU to feel that YOU belong, that we like YOU and that YOU are  important to us. We want to see YOU laugh and play, and to help YOU be the best person YOU can possibly be.

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